Thermometer chart in Excel step by step example

Thermometer chart in Excel step by step example

Thermometer chart 

Is a visualization of the actual value of well-defined measure, for example, temperature status, task status as compared to a target value. In this article we will take Units Sold and put over the chart to measure the daily data.

Data source

figure 1.0

Assume the Total Target of 2000 units and out of that 1740 (summing of Unit Sales) is completed.

Step 1: Calculated the percentage of Target Completed, Select Cell “B17” where target is calculated and name cell “TargetCompleted” as shown below figure 1.2:

figure 1.1
figure 1.2

Step 2: Insert a Bar Chart by following steps:

  1. Select Insert ribbon tab
  2. Click Insert Column or Bar Chart button located under Charts group
  3. Select 2-D Clustered Column chart
figure 1.3

Chart would be inserted as below shown in figure 1.4, now do followings:

  1. Remove X axis
  2. Remove chart Title
figure 1.4

Step 3: Select Bar and double click, and set Series Overlap and Gap Width to 0 under Format Data Series >> Series Options in the side panel as shown below:

figure 1.5

Step 4: format the axis under Bounds section in side panel as:

  1. Right click on vertical axis
  2. Select Format axis
  3. Set minimum value to 0
  4. Set maximum value to 500%
figure 1.6

Step 5: to shape we need to add floating shape on the chart as:

  1. Select Insert ribbon tab
  2. Select Illustration button
  3. Select Shapes
  4. Select Chord shape
figure 1.7

Balance the Chord shape to the bottom as shown below and put text labels to look chart like temperature:

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