Pyramid Chart Excel step by step example

Pyramid Chart Excel step by step example

Pyramid Chart

Pyramid chart is a graphical illustration of a population in pyramid form. In this article we will got step by step and create population chart with following data:

Step 1: Take Age Group, Male and Female column separate table and select:

  1. Select Insert ribbon
  2. Click on Recommended Charts under Charts group as shown in figure 1.0
  3. Select Clustered Bar chart as shown in figure 1.1
  4. Click Ok
figure 1.0
figure 1.1

Step 2: format the axis

  1. Select Axis and double click
  2. Select Category in Reverse Order (refer figure 1.2)
figure 1.2

Step 3: Data Label

  1. Select Axis and double click
  2. Navigate Labels section in right side panel
  3. Select Low from Label position (refer figure 1.3)
figure 1.3

Step 4: series overlap

  1. Select Series
  2. Under Series Options
  3. Make Series overlap to 100%
  4. Make Gap width 0% (refer figure 1.4)
figure 1.4

Step 5: Position Data Labels

  1. Select each series
  2. Right click and select Data Label (refer figure 1.5)
  3. Select the data label
  4. Navigate Label Position section under Format Data Label
  5. Select Inside End radio button (refer figure 1.6)
figure 1.5
figure 1.6


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