Power View in Excel

Power View in Excel

Power View:

with the help of power view you can create various interactive charts, reports and publish them on Microsoft SharePoint cloud. To enable Power View in your excel 2016 make sure Power View ribbon tab is activated. It required Silver Light and couple of registries if not configured on your machine as shown below:

To download click here

Silver light for Window and Macintosh can be downloaded from here.

Considering you have Power View Addin enabled as shown below, we will try to generate multiple charts in this article.

Power View Addin
  1. In Excel, select the Bar and Column worksheet. Create a new Power View report by selecting POWER VIEW > Insert > Power View from the ribbon. A blank Power View report sheet is created. Rename the report Multiples, by right-clicking the tab along the bottom and selecting Rename from the menu that appears. You can also double-click the tab to rename it.
  2. Expand the Medals table in Power View Fields and select the Gender and then the Event fields. From the FIELDS area, select the arrow button beside Event, and select Count (Not Blank). The table Power View creates looks like the following screen.

3. From the ribbon, select DESIGN > Switch Visualization > Other Chart > Pie Chart. Now your report looks like the following screen.

4. Change the layout so the multiples grid shows six charts wide by six charts tall. With the chart selected, select LAYOUT > Grid Height > 6 and then LAYOUT > Grid Width > 6. Your screen now looks like the following screen.

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