Create Pivot Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Create Pivot Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)


A PivotTable is a powerful object in Excel to calculate, summarize, and analyze data that allows you see comparisons, patterns, and trends in your data in few clicks. A PivotTable object deals with following properties and methods which need to be set or edit to make Pivot automated:

PivotCache Methods

  • CreatePivotChart: It creates a standalone Pivot Chart from a PivotCache object which can be grabbed by a Shape object.
  • CreatePivotTable: It creates a Pivot Table based on a PivotCache object which can be grabbed in a PivotTable object.
  • MakeConnection: It establishes a connection for the specified PivotTable cache.
  • Refresh: This method help refreshing a specific PivotCache in Excel
  • ResetTimer: RefreshPeriod allows user to set a specific interval to refresh a pivot object.
  • SaveAsODC: It saves the PivotTable cache object as a Microsoft Office Data Connection file.

PivotCache Properties

  • ADOConnection
  • Application
  • BackgroundQuery
  • CommandText
  • CommandType
  • Connection
  • Creator
  • EnableRefresh
  • Index
  • IsConnected
  • LocalConnection
  • MaintainConnection
  • MemoryUsed
  • MissingItemsLimit
  • OLAP
  • OptimizeCache
  • Parent
  • QueryType
  • RecordCount
  • Recordset
  • RefreshDate
  • RefreshName
  • RefreshOnFileOpen
  • RefreshPeriod
  • RobustConnect
  • SavePassword
  • SourceConnectionFile
  • SourceData
  • SourceDataFile
  • SourceType
  • UpgradeOnRefresh
  • UseLocalConnection
  • Version
  • WorkbookConnection

Code example

Public Sub CreatePivotTable()
    'Declare range to bind Pivot
    Dim PivotRange As Range
    'Set range
    Set PivotRange = ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D40")
    'Declare pivot cache object
    Dim oPivotCache As PivotCache
    'Create and get reference of pivot
    Set oPivotCache = ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create _
    (SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:=PivotRange). _
    CreatePivotTable(TableDestination:=PivotSheet.Cells(2, 9), _
    'Memory cleanup
    Set oPivotCache = Nothing
    Set PivotRange = Nothing
End Sub
  1. ActiveWorkbook: It refers to current working workbook
  2. SourceType: xlDatabase is selected, it can be other database too
  3. SourceData: Refers range of source data on top you wish to create PivotTable
  4. TableDestination: Refers to the destination where you wish to have your PivotTable created
  5. TableName: Refers name of the table as per your choice

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