Number List in Word Document using C# code example

Number List in Word Document using C# code example

Number List

Microsoft Word offers feature by which you can auto number your list in various formats. In this article we will write code to dynamically generate a numbered list in a document using C#.

C# Code example

using Word=Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word;
public void CreateNumberList()
	Word.Selection oSelection = Utility.WdApplication.Selection;

	//create list            
	Word.ListTemplate oTemplate = Utility.WdApplication.ListGalleries[Word.WdListGalleryType.wdNumberGallery].ListTemplates[1];
	Word.ListLevel oLevel= oTemplate.ListLevels[1];
	oLevel.NumberFormat = "%1.";
	oLevel.TrailingCharacter= Word.WdTrailingCharacter.wdTrailingTab;
	oLevel.NumberStyle= Word.WdListNumberStyle.wdListNumberStyleArabic;
	oLevel.NumberPosition = Utility.WdApplication.InchesToPoints(0.25f);
	oLevel.TextPosition = Utility.WdApplication.InchesToPoints(0.5f);
	oLevel.TabPosition = 9999999;
	oLevel.ResetOnHigher = 0;
	oLevel.StartAt = 1;

Note: You have to add Microsoft Word Interop library as reference to enable Using statement or create a Office solution (VSTO) which will have this library as default.

Next create a word document having list of paragraphs and make selection to the paragraphs which you want to convert into a formatted number list and run the code.


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