Merge two Jsons using C# code example

Merge two Jsons using C# code example


In this article we will see how we can merge two different json strings together using C# Newtonsoft.

Code example

private void btnJtodken_Click(object sender, RibbonControlEventArgs e)
	//First json
	JObject json1 = JObject.Parse(@"{
	  'EmployeeName': 'John',
	  'EmployeeCode': 'C001',
	  'Designation': 'Engineer',
	  'Gender': [ 'Male','Female' ]
	//Second Json
	JObject json2 = JObject.Parse(@"{
	  'Department': 'Finance',
	  'JobType': [ 'Contract', 'Permanent' ]

	//Perform merge
	json1.Merge(json2, new JsonMergeSettings
		// union array values together to avoid duplicates
		MergeArrayHandling = MergeArrayHandling.Union
	string finalJson = json1.ToString();


figure 1.0

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