How to Link or Embed Excel in a Word Document example

How to Link or Embed Excel in a Word Document example


Process to attach an external file to the current document. The benefit of embedding a file, external file changes auto updates in current document where it is embedded. Lets see a complete reference where we will embed one Excel file into a word document step by step:

  1. Open Word Document in which you wish to embed a Excel file and Navigate to Insert Tab:

Object dialog appears as shown below where you need to activate “Create from file” tab

Click on Browse button and navigate the excel file that you wish to embed in the document as shown below and Enable Link to file checkbox:

If you enable the “Display as icon” checkbox the Excel icon would be displayed in the document but we have checked only “Link to file” hence output would look like as below:

Editing and changes

If you wish to make changes in Excel, either you can open the source Excel file and make the necessary changes and save, navigate back to Word and changes would reflect or simply double click on embedded object and it will launch the source Excel as shown below:

Update Link

If you want to force update embedded object the follow steps as given below:

  1. Right Click on embedded object
  2. Select Update Link command from the popup

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