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Google Forms


If you are looking for some online survey work by which you want to take opinion from different people across geography online. The Google Forms gives you nice and easy interface which helps user to develop his own questionnaires or survey to gather answers online. Let’s see a working example step by step.


  • Should have a valid Google account
  • Should have access to Google Drive
  • Should have some space to create a Google form

Step 1: Navigate Google Drive and look for New button located at left top corner:

Step 2: Click on New button it pops-up a dialog, look for last option “More” and navigate the same which will give sub menus. Select first menu from sub menu Google Forms:

Step 3: A new form opens in a separate tab as shown below:

If you notice there are arrow pointing each feature available on the Form, I will explain each one by one:

  • Title: it refers to form name like we name a file in window
  • Form Title: refers to form title and form description
  • Questions: there are two tabs on the form questions is default
  • Responses: this tab contains responses recorded from end user
  • Response Type: basically it depends on the type of question you going to built in given screen shot I have chosen Multiple Choice that’s the reason I see radio button, however you can put many types of questions based on your question like if you want user to select response from DropDown then you need to change question type to “DropDown” and input for “DropDown” would change respectively
  • Copy: at the bottom of question area a copy button is available by which you can replicate the copy of selected question
  • Delete: the delete button will delete the current question
  • Required: if on then user must attempt the question
  • Toolbar: helps inserting New Page, Section Break, New Controls like (text, image, video etc)
  • Theme: you can change theme color of Google form
  • Preview: you can preview what your are developing by selecting this command
  • Settings: you can set form level settings here like
    • Collect email address of the user
    • Limit one response
    • End user requires Google login to view this form
    • Response can be edit after submit (Allow/Disallow)
    • See summary charts and text responses
  • Options: it helps with various options like
    • Undo: you can undo current change
    • Make a Copy: it creates another copy of current Google form
    • Get pre-filled link: this will provide you the link of your Google Form which you can distribute to the end user to view your form
    • Print: you can print your form
    • Add collaborators: It helps to add more users who can access the form from their account
    • Script editor: this is similar to excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) where scripting can be done behind a workbook. Google also provide automation using Google Scripting (JavaScript) based
    • Add-ons: if you want to extend your form with external features which are not available in current environment, Google offers various add-ons which you can bring in your current environment and use them for developing your Google Form
    • Preferences: setting the preferences

Finally once you are ready you can hit “Send” button and it will ask email address for the recipients.

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