ADODB Recordset Object VBA (Visual Basic For Applications)

ADODB Recordset Object VBA (Visual Basic For Applications)


Set of records coming from table or the result of a command. Always, a Recordset object refers to only a single record. Recordset objects consist of records (rows) and fields (columns). Depending on the functionality supported by the provider.

Cursor types

  1. Dynamic cursor Add, Change, and Delete operations performed by other users can be tracked.
  2. Keyset cursor Similar to dynamic cursor, except that it prevents you from seeing records that other users add.
  3. Static cursor Offers a static copy of a set of records which cannot be amended or changed once pulled.
  4. Forward-only cursor Allows you to only scroll forward through the Recordset. Add, Change, or delete operations performed by other users will not be visible.


  1. Immediate: In immediate updating, all changes to data are written immediately to the underlying data source once you call the Update method.
  2. Batch: The records pushed to the database by blocking a session in bulk. Once all records are successfully written in the database commit will happen.

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