Create Live Clock in Excel (Visual Basic for Applications)

Create Live Clock in Excel (Visual Basic for Applications)

Live Clock

Looking for a working solution where you need a running time in your Dashboard? In this article we will look how we can create a live clock which ticks like Digital Clock.

figure 1.0

Step 1: Create design as per your wish but need two buttons. I have used shapes and changed the labels as START and STOP respectively.

figure 1.1

Step 2: Choose the cell in which you wish to show your clock and give it a name, I have used “otime”. Select Formulas tab click on Name Manager button to add a Name (Need more details adding a name please refer my previous post “Name in Excel

figure 1.2

Step 3: Format the cell which you need to make as clock “otime” by pressing CTRL + 1 or right click on the cell and choose Format Cells… then select Time from Number tab under Format Cells dialog as shown below and choose desire format of your clock:

figure 1.3

Step 4: Insert a standard module where we will write code to make our clock live. Put following code in General section:

Dim SchedRecalc As Date

Create Start Clock procedure

Public Sub ClockStart()

    With Range("otime")
        .Value = Format(Time, "hh:mm:ss")
    End With
    'Call timer
    Call SetTime

End Sub

Put Set timer code as below

Sub SetTime()

    SchedRecalc = Now + TimeValue("00:00:01")
    Application.OnTime SchedRecalc, "ClockStart"

End Sub

STOP or DISABLE the watch

Public Sub Disable()

    On Error Resume Next
    Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=SchedRecalc, Procedure:="ClockStart", Schedule:=False

End Sub

Step 5: Navigate back to Excel sheet and select START button. Right Click and choose Assign Macro from the list.

figure 1.4

Select ClockStart from the given dialog and select OK:

figure 1.5

Repeat the same for STOP button. now click somewhere on the sheet and Click on START button. Hurra………..!!!!!

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