Create json from Excel data using Python

Create json from Excel data using Python


JavaScript Object Notation is an open standard file format, easy to transfer data, easy structured, more readable, shows hierarchical data. Lets generate json for given source using Python:


Code example

import json
from openpyxl import load_workbook

workbook = load_workbook(filename="test.xlsx")
sheet =

listAgents = {}

# Iterate values 
for row in sheet.iter_rows(min_row=2, min_col=4, max_col=7, values_only=True):
    agent_id = row[0]
    agentInfo = {
        "Agent": row[1],
        "Contact Number": row[2],
        "Address": row[3]
    listAgents[agent_id] = agentInfo

# print agent information


  "10001": {
    "Agent": "D Cohoon",
    "Contact Number": 941 000 0000,
    "Address": "abc, Florida"
  "10002": {
    "Agent": "M Pike",
    "Contact Number": 941 000 0000,
    "Address": "def, USA"

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