Convert Json to Custom Collection C# code example

Convert Json to Custom Collection C# code example

Json to Custom Collection

There is a situation where you want to have your json into a user defined collection. In this article we will see simple code which will convert json to custom collection.

Step 1: Create a class map and name it as “EmployeeDetails.css” as shown below:

public class EmployeeDetails
	public string employeeName { get; set; }

Add following reference in your module:

using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;

Code example

string json = @"{
'employeeDetails': [
  'employeeName': 'VBAOVERALL'
  'employeeName': 'INFOEXTRACT'

//Parse json
JObject objEmp = JObject.Parse(json);

//Deserialize json into jArray
JArray objEmpList = (JArray)objEmp["employeeDetails"];

//Populate JArray into collection
IList<EmployeeDetails> employee = objEmpList.ToObject<IList<EmployeeDetails>>();



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