Bubble chart facts in Excel with example

Bubble chart facts in Excel with example

Bubble Chart

Shows a comparison over more than 3 series, One series will take X Axis, second series takes up Y Axis and 3rd series will define the size of bubbles. Let’s see step by step creating a Bubble Chart in Excel.

Step 1: create data having followings:

Step 2: Select data and navigate Insert ribbon then Click on Scatter menu and select 3-D Bubble chart from Charts group as shown below

Step 3: Right click over chart ans select “Select Data” from the popup as shown below:

Following data source dialog pops up. Click on Edit Series button

Step 4: A dialog pops up as below:

Make following changes in Edit Series dialog:

  1. Series name: Put text as per your wish
  2. X Value: Select first column including header
  3. Y Value: Select second column including header
  4. Bubble Size: Select third column including header
  5. Say OK

If you notice as long as you edit each series the chart gone change. Now you can adjust the Axis based on need. Double click on any Axis and set Min and Max bounds as shown below

You can made many changes in the chart using Design and Format tab to fit in your need.

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