Advanced Excel Formula =SUMIFS example

Advanced Excel Formula =SUMIFS example


Function is an advanced version of SUMIF function where SUMIF validates only one criteria but SUMIFS allows multiple criterias (upto 127) to be evaluated at a time. In this article we will see detail example of SUMIFS functions.


=SUMIF(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, criteria_range, criteria2….)


SELECT SUM(Salary) WHERE Employee Name = “A” and Age=85


  1. Type =SUMIFS sign in the cell and start bracket (
  2. Select sum_range parameter from “C2:C21”
  3. Put comma (,) to terminate the condition
  4. Select “A2:A21” to fill criteria_range1
  5. Put comma (,) to terminate the condition
  6. Put =”A” to fill criteria1
  7. Put comma (,) to terminate the condition
  8. Select “B2:B21” to fill criteria_range2
  9. Put comma (,) to terminate the condition
  10. Put =85 to fill criteria2


Hit Enter and notice the sum tally with Row Number 2 and Row Number 13 of Salary column in the source data:


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